Our Service

Cloth and color, two things every culture celebrates in its own unique way. Ethnic diversity, something that too often gets overlooked in today's social climate. Ethnic Elegance was founded as an enterprise to celebrate culture and global diversity by showcasing the world's most authentic ethnic fabrics. Through our products, Ethnic Elegance allows consumers to share in our appreciation for multiculturalism.

We help solve the following problems:

  • Lack of sustainable jobs for textile artisans;
  • Lack of ethnic fabrics in the marketplace;
  • Known abuses within the machine-based fabric industry;
  • Loss of authentic textile production techniques & designs; and
  • Poor profit-sharing models within for-profit companies.
Our solutions include:
  • Creating jobs to sustain artisans where we responsibly source our fabric;
  • Offering a wide range of products that feature authentic ethnic fabric;
  • Use of handcrafted, small-batch fabric from fairly-treated and respected artisans;
  • Creating a market for authentic ethnic fabric; and
  • Profit sharing to meet artisan-identified community needs.

We are a for-profit social enterprise and look forward to sharing the stories of the communities that create our fabric. We also believe that business can and should be a vehicle to empower and uplift. Through our profit sharing business model we enable micro-loans, education, healthcare, even building campaigns for schools and housing.